Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Friday, 28 January 2011

The BRIGHTON FESTIVAL gig was wonderful. Really good fun, all of it.

Our next gig is to be at the Hunston Golf Club, near Chichester, on May 29th, a Sunday. If you want to hear us in action, then we might be able to get you in. 

We had a lot of fun with the audience at the Brighton Festival gig. Over 100 people there, all ages and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Well, we would say that, wouldn't we, but it might, just, be true. Everyone played well, the audience joined in - as you can see. Next Festival gig is to be on June 25th at Bosham Village Hall, part of the Chichester Festivities. 

We were at Milland village on the Royal Wedding Day. They had all the village there, over 250 of them. We had a great time, the atmosphere was lively and fun and everyone enjoyed themselves

This coming Saturday we have the Chichester Yacht Club in the evening. It is the most beautiful setting with the Harbour as a backdrop to the band. Lovely place, lovely audience

Then there is the big one, the start of the Festivals, the Brighton Festival on Monday May 9th at 7.30, at the Friends Meeting House. Tickets £9. Send email to jazzsmugglers@yahoo.co.uk
marked "blog site" Pay at door.

This jazz show is not about us, the players. it is not about you, the promoter, it is not about money. It is about the audience experience, beginning, middle and end.

This was our last gig, and this is the way that the Church in Midhurst promoted it in their own website. .

If we put on the Cool Jazz NOSTALGIA show for you, could we split the take do you think? The normal door splits for bands is 70/30 or 80/20 but we could negotiate that. Is it worth talking about? Email us, click here.

This show is a lot of fun. The songs are lovely. The community at Cocking truly enjoyed it - we had an email afterwards from the organiser, which started off "Fantastic........."

If you can get some of the ladies and men in the audience to do their hair in the style of the 50's, or wear 50's gear we will dedicate a song to the ones who have really tried. Now who else offers that? Can they remember how to jive?

There is a lot of audience interaction - the audience can choose some of the songs they'd like us to play. Our little trio will play your choice of songs in the interval. Now who else offers that? 

If someone in the audience can play jazz, and has brought their instrument then they can join in a chorus or two. Who else offers that?

This is the show that is being put on at the 200 seat theatre, in the Lanes as part of the Brighton Festival in May. It is also being launched at the Bosham Village Hall in June as part of the Chichester Festivities. We are also booked into the Arundel Festival in August. The closest place to you, where you can preview it is at the Midhurst Parish Church on March 5th.

If you wish, we can suggest powerful ways of network marketing which you can use at all times to build your audience for any event. These are not widely known but they are easy to use and you will become more powerful in your market. Only professional promoters know of and use these methods.

For example, if you are selling tickets to the public then we can put it on several event websites, so that people outside your area can find it, when they are looking for a night out. We can also use our online ticketing service. It costs you nothing. The customers pick up the tickets at the door. 

Below is some of our other promotion material available for you. We'll also put it on gig websites for you. We also offer you a document with over a hundred ideas to help you to sell any event.

So if you advertise it, provide the venue, we'll bring the sound kit, mikes and play the music and run the show. Have we got a deal? We'll split the take with you.  

John Winkler
Creek End, Smugglers Lane, Bosham, PO1 8QP 07533 529379








This is the Press story that appeared about our Midhurst gig, and below is the photograph of the vicar, the Rev. Marcus Ronchetti who dressed the part in 50's style.

Well, that's the sales pitch. Hope you like the idea. Please come back to us with ideas of your own if you like.
John Winkler 07533 529379  You can hear several of our CD tracks at this web page. Jazz Smugglers song tracks

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cool Jazz NOSTALGIA. The exciting new Jazz Smugglers show

This is Cool Jazz NOSTALGIA from the 50's. A fantastic decade.

We would like to get it into the Petworth, Arundel and Selsey Festivals - 
any chance, chaps? We are in this years' Festivals at Brighton, Chichester and Midhurst  
We'll do a pub, or a field with a barbecue, or a Village Hall, what do you think?

Everest was climbed 4 days before Queen Elizabeth 11 was crowned in June 1953

The Festival of Britain and the Festival Hall was a great success, 
Bill Hailey launched Rock and Roll with the Comets
National Service ended - I could have been this chap
Roger Bannister ran the 1st 4-mile mile

The Korean War finished.
Miles Davis recorded Kind of Blue, the biggest selling jazz record of all time. Modal jazz, cool

Our band, Jazz Smugglers, is playing a tribute to this wonderful era with a show called 

This is what it says on the can
The most watchable octet in Sussex. Beautiful songs such as All the things you are Ella Fitzgerald / Girl from Ipanema Stan Getz / Loverman Billie Holliday / Blue Moon June Christy / So What Miles Davis / Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock / How High the Moon Les Paul / Summertime - everyone

There is a high degree of audience involvement. We've played it for the first time at Cocking Village and we all had a Super time. "Fantastic", Sue called it. See the blog before this.
These are the relevant website pages.
The new Cool Jazz Nostalgia Show page
We've changed the front page, you'll see Nostalgia there
I've highlighted the clips people can hear us play
This workshop page gets very high traffic


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Cocking villagers are wonderful to play for. The first to see our new Jazz Show

Sue you didn't know this, but we tried out a dress rehearsal for our new Jazz show based on the 50's. And you called it "Fantastic" in your email, thank you so much. The village is a dream to play for.

We DID enjoy ourselves last night, so much. Sue and her little team did us proud. The hall was packed, it looked wonderful in there. The audience joined in when we asked, they gave us great encouragement - just what a band wants. The youngsters kept perfect time when asked to clap with Latin songs.  

Cocking, Jazz Smugglers salute you.  Thank you for having us.

John, Maria, and Andy, little John, Steve, the other Steve, Vic, and stand in in drummer Mike.

Jazz Smugglers website
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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cocking Jazz Smugglers. 8.00pm £3 at door, Village Hall

We are all set to go, on Friday 14th. Steve on alto, John on bariton, Andrew on Tenor, Vic on Bass, Steve on guitar and a guest drummer, Mike.

Song list.

Perdido  Intro  Guitar sets up Ska rhythm, 4 bars. Coda last 2 x 3 stop beat 1
Alfie's Theme Alto melody
Autumn Leaves Keyboard free from intro.  Alto tune.  Vocal with Bari fills.  Solos Tenor, Piano, Bari.  Vocal.  Repeat last 4 bars to end.
Blue Bossa Intro perc 4 bars each.  Sax tune in 8's Alto, Tenor, Bari, Alto.  Solos in 8's - Piano, Tenor, Alto, Bari.  Congas solo.  Sax tune in 8's, quieter to end.
Blue Moon Bass tune first 16 bars.  Tenor tune last 16 bars.  Vocal.  Solos in 16's Alto, Tenor, Bari, Piano.   Vocal.   Play last 2 bars x 3 to end.
All the things you are Solo unaccomp Bari free form tune first 16 bars, then band join in last 16 bars.   Solos 4's alternating with Bari.  Bass/drums 4's.   Bari tune.  Repeat bars 29/30 x 3 to end.
Afternoon in Paris Straight in. Tune in 8's around saxes. Guitar solo.  Sax solos in 4's. Tune in 8's around saxes. Hold last note to end.
All Blues Straight in.  Bass, drums, piano, guitar play first time with chords only.  Then Guitar solo.  All saxes tune.  Sax solos in 8's -sparse.  4's bass/drums.  Saxes tune, repeat last 4 bars slowing to end.
Beginning to see the light (V) / I wish I knew how it feels to be free (I). Straight into vocal.  Sax tune in 4's.  Sax solos in 4's.  Vocal.  Then "I wish I knew" with Bari plays tune unaccompanied for 8 bars then band join in.  Bari solo.  Guitar solo.  Tenor tune, slow down last 4 bars to end.
Blue Monk Piano bags groove x 2.  Sax tune in 4's x 2.  Guitar solo.  Sax solos in 2's with drums.  Tune in 4's x 2.  Hold last note to end.

Trio plays a selection of audience requests

Blues / Watermelon ManBass 12 bar blues in F.  One instrument plays at a time with sparing riff until piano starts 8 bar intro to Watermelon Man.  Saxes tune x 2.  Solos Bari, Piano,  Tenor, Guitar, Alto, Bass, Drums.  Saxes tune x 2.  Finish on bar 30 note SHORT.
So What Bass Dm during band introductions.  Bass riff starts tune.  Saxes start at bar 9.  Solos whole tune - Piano, Bari, Guitar.  Tune 16 bars only to end.
Fly me to the Moon Latin.  16 bar intro.  4 bars each build up - Drums, Perc, Bass, Guitar.  Vocal.  Tenor 16 bars melody, Alto 16 bars melody.  Solos 16 bars Tenor, Alto, Bari Guitar.  Vocal.  Hold last note to end.
Little Sunflower Guitar long dramatic intro, guitar plays melody
Mash Latin.  Straight in, backing and perc with no tune all through once.   Tenor tune.   Solos Guitar, Alto.   Bari tune.  Play last 4 bars x 3 to end.
Loverman Straight in.  Piano tune 8 bars then Bari.  Solos in 8's - Alto / Tenor then Bari / Piano.  Vocal.  Repeat last 2 bars to end.
Morning Intro perc then chords/montuno of first 8 bars.  Saxes tune - All saxes section A twice, Tenor section B, All Saxes section A.  Solos in 8's - Piano, Tenor, Guitar, Bari.  Then Solo in 2's Bass / Congas.  Saxes tune - sudden end - NO CODA.
Pennies from Heaven Vocal unaccompanied 1st verse.  Tenor tune with band.  Solos in 16's Alto, Tenor, Guitar, Bari.  Vocal.  Hold last note to end.
Sunshower Latin.  Intro perc 4 bars each and band repeat first 2 bars.  Bari tune with sax backing in bridge.  Solos in 8's Guitar / Tenor.  Solos in 2's saxes with congas.  Bari tune with sax backing in bridge.  Perc to end, dying off
Summertime Intro - band repeat first 2 chords.   Tenor solo with band, 1 verse only.  Vocal 2 verses.  Piano 4 bars double time.  Solos 2 verses Alto, Guitar, Bari, Bass, Drums.  Vocal, play last 4 bars x 3 slowing to end.
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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Big gig to come in Priory Park this year. July 16 Saturday afternoon

The boys and girls in the band don't know about this one yet, so you've read it here first. We have a lovely, long-standing client in Jill Dennison. A week ago she booked us for her very big event of the year the Rainbow Day, for St. Wilfred's. This will be the third time or more we have done it. She gets lots of people there, and we like that very much indeed. It is just a fun afternoon.
Thanks Jill. CU

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Jazz Smugglers octet at Brighton Festival, Monday May 9.

We've had a few classy gigs in our time, such as Priory Park, Chichester, then for Lady Egremont's charity at Petworth House, last year with Sir Patrick Moore in his garden at Selsey, and The Real Ale and Jazz Festival, but this will be one of the biggest. Not sure that Real Ale is all that classy, but 300 people turned up for us. The photograph shows us playing one afternoon at the Grand Hotel in Brighton the top hotel in the City. 

We are booked in to the 200 seater Friends Meeting House in the middle of the prestigious Lanes on Monday May 9th, to virtually open the Brighton Festival this year.

Looking forward to it, get practising boys - and girls.

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Saturday, 1 January 2011

We love playing at Midhurst Parish Church. There again March 5th Saturday

The sound in the Church is magnificent. It is also beautiful inside - probably the nicest venue I can reember playing last year. Goodness, those mediaeval builders knew what they were doing in the old days. 
The vicar is Marcus Ronchetti, an outstandingly interesting character. Last time, I was there early and popped in to the pub opposite, as you do. The landlord asked me to have a word with Marcus about the drumming noises from his Church on a Tuesday evening, it was disturbing the drinkers! A jest, of course, he wasn't really bothered, then I discovered that Marcus turns over the Church to Bongo and Conga players, Guiro specialists and Clave experts for a Latin rhythm evening! No wonder he gets a big audience, sorry congregation, together.
Last time he ran a Curry evening for locals as well as churchgoers. His son came up and played on our congas. We had a great time.
This time, Marcus we have a different line up, and different songs. Hope you like it.
John, Jazz Smugglers.