Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Need we say more? She is great. Chichester Observer write up of Maria Ball.

"John, thanks for the gig on Saturday. You guys were fab." From Real Ale and Jazz Festival organiser

Unsolicited testimonial from Kevin White. Thank you Kevin for asking us. This jazz stuff is pure joy to play, and the audiences are great.
Here is the crowd in Priory Park Chichester.


We felt at home in the Bosham Village Hall where we played the Cool Jazz NOSTALGIA show to about 90 people. Festivities did well for us, they sold about 55 tickets, and the Friends of Old Meadow, our old clients sold the rest. The front line were at their best, and the rhythm section was pretty good too.

Here is the crowd.