Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


This was us at the Brighton Festival Fringe. Wonderful time was had by all. 5 tickets short of a sell-out with 95 people attending.
Perhaps we'll have a sell-out proper at the Chichester Festivities on July 7th, Saturday. We will be playing Jazz Smugglers play GERSHWIN and Friends. Doors 7.00, £10. Tickets from Festivities Box office or at door.
The venue will be a place we have grown to like very much, Hillier the Garden Centre. This is on the A259 road between Fishbourne and Bosham, You can't miss it, on the left.
Also, on July 1st, the Sunday, at the Woolpack Inn in Fishbourne on the main road we will be running a Jam Session for all jazz Musicians. We will be putting up a £20 prize for the best soloist of the night (not open to professionals nor to Jazz Smugglers bands). 7.00pm doors, £2.

This is my favourite photograph from the Brighton Festival. We call it "What key are we in, now?" Mike Birch talking to Andrew Batchelar.