Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Graham Rawlinson took this. Did a wonderful job with limited equipment. This is brilliant editing, and titling.
Congratulations to everyone taking part.

We ran this Jazz Soloist competition as part of the Festival of Chichester, for fun. Polly Meynell was the winner, and took a cash prize of £20 and the title.

Well done to everyone taking part.
Don Walker sax Runner up.
Polly Meynell vocal
Lucy Phillips vocal
Richard Craik tmp
Clive Willoughby vocal
Tony Dudley harmonica

The Jazz Smugglers bands in Sussex
The Jazz Smugglers workshop, Bosham, Sussex

The workshop will be opening again on Sunday September 9th at 7.00. We can take one extra player, possibly. If you would like to try out you would be welcome that evening, but let me know in advance.
This site is to help the Jazz smugglers workshop group and provide informtion about the following weeks work. We will be working on widening our range of playing styles as individuals, working together in a band, and practising the more difficult things. You need to be able to read to try us out.
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In this blog We will produce tips for jazz piano, and jazz guitar together with jazz saxophone. We will cover jazz chords, jazz guitar chords, and we will deal with jazz scales. We will cover jazz songs. This site is all about jazz improvisation. you can sign up directly to this blog site as a FOLLOWER, bottom rh side panel, you'll get all the posts.

Monday, 15 July 2013


We are all jazzed out now. Festival of Chichester is over. What a time!

The Arts dept of the Chichester Observer got a standing round of applause for organising the Festival at our sell out gig last Saturday at Hillier Garden Centre. A huge effort went in to it all. From a standing start they got 230 events organised. That is absolutely amazing.

This is Phil Hewitt the Arts Ed of the Observer busking with our guys. Geoff Valenti on trumpet and Mike Pappenheim on tenor, at the opening of the Festival.

Thanks Phil for arranging all that. A triumph, for you and Barry Smith. Special mention and thanks to Rachel Soothill for running the Facebook site and letting us all pile in. A labour of love for all of you, that was.

Other pics from the two busking gigs at the Festival.

We had a big crowd at our opening concert in the lovely village of Graffham, the GERSHWIN concert, and they did look after us well. 

Hillier Garden Centre, and the general manager Nigel Budgen were magnificent, couldn't do enough for us, put out signs, sold tickets, arranged chairs, did everything. It is a wonderful venue, great sound, and so pleasant in there. About 20% of the takings went to their charity, the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We ran the next big band show, COOL JAZZ NOSTALGIA based on songs of the 50's and 60's, then Hillier took Maria and the JAZZ SMUGGLERS TRIO for one evening, and the final night was MARIA SINGS the songs which made SINATRA famous.

We also ran a jazz soloist competition, and three separate workshops around the county.
Whew! I'm bushed. Don't know about you.

Thanks everyone who helped. In the bands and helping us were Andrew, Geoff, Maria, Vic, Bob, Mike Pappenheim, Steve Evitts, Nemone, Mike Wilson, David Whitelely.
Ps. In the middle of it all we also did a private trio event, a Fete at Milland village and we helped to launch the Bognor car rally. Madness, absolute madness. (Good name for a band that....)