Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Monday, 22 August 2011

COME AND SEE US SOON - here are the dates

We are building a new show ready for the Brighton Festival. It will be called Jazz smugglers play Gershwin and Friends. we hope it does as well as last years Show.
We have a number of Rehearsal gigs scheduled at the Woolpack Inn, in High Street, Fishbourne. You can come and hear/see us play at any of these for free. 7.30 starts, the last Sunday in the month between January and the end of April.

rehearsal workshop creek end Jan-08
ordinary workshop creek end Jan-15
rehearsal workshop creek end Jan-22
gig rehearsal at woolpack fishbourne Jan-29
rehearsal workshop creek end Feb-05
ordinary workshop creek end Feb-12
rehearsal workshop creek end Feb-19
gig rehearsal at woolpack fishbourne Feb-26
rehearsal workshop creek end Mar-04
ordinary workshop creek end Mar-11
rehearsal workshop creek end Mar-18
gig rehearsal at woolpack fishbourne Mar-25
rehearsal workshop creek end Apl-8
ordinary workshop creek end Apl-15
rehearsal workshop creek end Apl-22
gig rehearsal at woolpack fishbourne Apl-29
(Brighton Festival) May-06

GIGS BOOKED AND PROVISIONED FOR 2012. Some are open to the public but there will be a charge at the door.

Jan 7th Private birthday party Cowdray Park golf club
Jan     Wickwoods hotel and leisure REsort Henfield trio Sun lunch
Feb 18  Oving Chi Harbour Rotary club jazz night
Mar-17 Sat Southbourne Age Concern
Mar-31 Sat Wickwoods Dinner dance jazz night
Apl-14 Sat Merry Harriers Hambledon  Titanic Festival
May 6 Brighton Festival
May-19 Pte party trio birthday
June East preston  provisional jazz night
Jul 7, Chichester Festivities, Hillier Centre, Bosham.
Jul-14 Singleton fete. Afternoon
Aug-04 Wedding enquiry
Sep-01 Wedding enquiry Petworth

email us for details. jazzsmugglers@yahoo.co.uk