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Thursday, 20 December 2012

A chat about playing jazz with Paul Whitten

Paul Whitten, double bass.  

Rhythmn is by far the most important element in jazz, it has got to be on the button. When you play patterns, they each have a rhythmic content. Yes I carry the tune in my head while I'm improvising, and harmony is important but it is easy to get carried away with too much theory.
Most of the time you just feel it as you play, though if it is material you are not familiar with and it is demanding then you have to think as well. I'll always play better solos over material I know well.
You need to develop a jazz vocabulary, but you are always trying to improve.

"Paul Whitten is the best jazz bassist in the South of England" Swanage jazz festival

"Paul Whitten played very sensitively. His tone is sweet and woody - not too much bass or treble. I really like Paul's solo style. His lines are more like those you would want to sing." Music critic

Yes, this for me is very true. His solos are sweet and very clean, melodic. He reminds me of the pianist John Lewis, of MJQ fame. His solos were very melodic and clear. John

"He lives for jazz" says his partner Maroca.

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