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Thursday, 10 January 2013


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Discussion about Jazz with Andy Williams from Pevensey Bay. Truly top class jazz guitarist.

Asked about his attitude when playing to harmony/melody/rhythm and their relative priorities for him, he was unequivocal in the reply. "Rhythm" he said, "is definitely number one" But he also wants to "Respect" the tune. I reckon that is a good word. He does it by referencing the tune during the solo. I heard him, and he really does. He said he knows where is the tune when he is soloing. "The thing about Jazz," he says, "it’s a team effort. I think that jazz people hear different things from the audience. I listen to Terry on the keyboard (Terry Seabrook) and he listens to what I'm doing and we can relate to each other instinctively."If I solo I like to do it so it could be sung. I asked him what he would like to work on a bit more in his own practice, and he said "I would like to connect the changes in a more flowing seamless way" They seemed pretty seamless to me and they certainly flowed. Andy Williams has worked with many of Britain ’s finest jazz musicians.
These include Martin Taylor, Lianne Carrol and Alan Barnes.He has performed alongside American Artists such as Tal Farlow, Benny Waters and Barney Kessel. Andy was also a member of the acclaimed prog rock group Three Friends and more recently has opened shows for guitar giants, Allan Holdsworth and John Jorgenson.  John 

Andy Williams has worked with many of Britain ’s finest jazz musicians, and has performed alongside American Artists such as Tal Farlow, Benny Waters, Warren Vache and has opened for acts such as Barney Kessel and Harry Allen.

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