Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


To the Jazz Smugglers followers, would you please help us out. 
I've created this new blog site to publicise the events in the Hillier Jazz Month - not just the Smugglers gigs.

THE PROBLEM IS Google takes a few weeks to list new sites properly, and I need to give them a boost.

IF YOU OWN A WEBSITE would you please put in a quick link to the new Blog site url. That will give Google a push. If you can share it on your Facebook page that would be kind, thank you. I'll ask you to do that again when the press releasses get added.

The url is


(There I've just done it for this blog site, the one you are reading. We need about 6)

I'm going to publish on it the press release for each gig, one by one. 


This site is to help the Jazz smugglers workshop group and provide information about the following weeks work. We will be working on widening our range of playing styles as individuals, working together in a band, and practising the more difficult things. You need to be able to read.

In this blog We will produce tips for jazz piano, and jazz guitar together with jazz saxophone. We will cover jazz chords, jazz guitar chords, and we will deal with jazz scales. We will cover jazz songs. This site is all about jazz improvisation. you can sign up directly to this blog site as a FOLLOWER, bottom rh side panel, you'll get all the posts.

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