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Thursday, 31 January 2013


This chap is brilliant at making a complex subject sound fairly straightforward. This is advanced stuff.

Alternate scales for dominant modes.

Summary of what this website says. His description is brilliant - a very complex subject.


All quite similar to each other. Dense = HWHW  OR SPARSE  WWWW

The altered scale has a dense lower part and a sparse upper part. 7 note scale

The Lydian dominant has sparse bottom, then dense plus a W 7 note scale

Half-whole diminished scale all dense  8 note scale (m3rds)
Symmetrical: only three scales to learn

Whole tone scale is all sparse  6 note scale
only two scales to learn Thelonius monk used this a lot. you can't listen to him for long with Care in the Community coming to the rescue.

Quote from the website and I've tried it - it works
"A useful application: “triad pairs”. You can generate nice modern
altered lines by alternating between arpeggios of the major triad
built on the ♭5 and arpeggios of the major triad built on the #5.

Another simpler application. Use a natural 9 or b9, natural 6 or b6

Tritone substitute scale. This is the dominant scale built on three whole tones above the root. (The Lydian actually)
4 notes are common to both chords. The upper half of one is the lower half of the other.

If a jazz theorist is in a room with no one in it, is he really in the room?


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