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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


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A professional bass player told me a nice way to train your 'tightness' of timing.

1) take a metronome, have it beat at very low tempo, e.g. 40 BPM. Use Biab these days.
2) play quarter notes for 10 minutes.
3) play triplets for 10 minutes
4) play 8ths for 10 minutes
5) play 16ths for 10 minutes
Repeat until you are bored out of your mind.

This exercise combines really nicely with other exercises, (e.g. scales or chord progressions that you would practice ANYWAY) because it doesn't really matter what you play as long as you play at a very low tempo.
the idea behind this would be that at high tempos, you don't notice the timing difference  or unsteadiness as much as on lower tempos - at 40 BPM, it's just a lot more evident if you've played early (or late) than at 80 BPM.

If you are pretty much rock solid on low tempos, quick solo's will 'fit' better to the groove.

In this blog We will produce tips for jazz piano, and jazz guitar together with jazz saxophone. We will cover jazz chords, jazz guitar chords, and we will deal with jazz scales. We will cover jazz songs. This site is all about jazz improvisation.

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