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Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Recording Maria next Sunday

Maria will be surprised I've got this photo. Hope she likes it. 

We are slowly getting back to normal in the workshop. It starts again on Sep 6th. New plans, new ideas. Had a preliminary recording session last Sunday with Maria, Geoff, Vic, Dave, and Bob. We also tested out a dozen newish songs to find the right keys for her.  It went well, Geoff put down some nice tracks so it is all go for next Sunday. Maria is going to do her version of "It could happen to you"

One of the things I really admire about Maria's voice is that you hear every word, clearly. At one stage she said she was a bit unhappy about one take. "I lost the feeling for the words then, I was thinking too much about other things" She really feels the lyrics, and that is a big thing. Not so many jazz singers do that.

This song was made famous by a lady called Jo Stafford. This is her version of it in the late 40's. I remember Jo Stafford. All of us 13 year olds were in love with her. They don't sing like this any more. The song has a lot more life in it when Maria sings it. 

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