Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Friday, 30 August 2013


I'm just in the process of planning the new workshop. We have two new people coming in on the 15th. (Our workshop family party is on the 8th, don't forget.)

We are going to work on doing jazz things which you can't do on your own, you have to be playing in a group. That is the purpose of a workshop after all.

However, before we get to that I think it is important that each person makes up your own mind about what you want to improve personally, or try out for yourself.

We already know of one or two of us who want to improve our reading. Once I know that then we can help by getting you to play along with the good readers when they play the tune. By sending you the tune in advance, you can at least look at it. No soloing, just reading, do it slowly the first few times, then end up fast. Does not take long.

I know that Vic is getting to grips with a new bass toy, er, instrument.

For myself as an example, I want to :

xx Create little patterns in the solo and displace them. Most of my jazz heroes do something similar in their solos.
xx I want to play more question and answer with the chords and the right hand
xx I want to follow the shape of the tune more, and find the strong notes of the tune in the solos
xx Yup, improve reading

If you'd like to tell me what it is you want to work on yourself, then I might be able to build something into the sessions for you.

Welcome to new workshoppers Paul Lyons, alto/tenor and to Steve Gower, alto, ten plus pno and bass!
You'll be pleased to know that we have no rock stars, big heads or people who want to tell other people how they should play. Makes for a more comfortable life.


The Jazz Smugglers bands in Sussex

The Jazz Smugglers workshop, Bosham, Sussex

The workshop will be opening again on Sunday September 8th. We can take one extra front line player, possibly. If you would like to try out you would be welcome that evening, but let me know in advance.

This site is to help the Jazz smugglers workshop group and provide informtion about the following weeks work. We will be working on widening our range of playing styles as individuals, working together in a band, and practising the more difficult things. You need to be able to read.

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