Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Steve Evitts has kindly let us show this video of his on YouTube. Thankfully we have got rid of that awful first one when we played what sounded like the Dead March of Saul. It sounded awful, but Steve has taken it off YouTube.

Last Sunday evening workshop. The song was Ain't No Sunshine. Great funky song, set up by the rhythm section.

Steve Turner on tenor played the tune, Andrew on alto and Geoff on trumpet. They played harmony lines behind it. They had no arrangement to work to, just an understanding of how each other played. But it was perfect. Long and short lines, I don't know who set them up but they were both together. Looking at each other had something to do with it I'm sure.

Andrew said afterwards that it is about listening to each other but I think there is something beyond just that. I think it is about understanding, feeling and anticipating. These two have developed a really good understanding of each other, and it shows.

Isn't it funny that in any jazz performance there are some magical moments, magical song renditions? You only need a few in an evening to make it memorable. This was one of them.

Steve played the tune with a great deal of feeling. I'm very sorry indeed to lose him from the workshop, but he has a very successful musical career to look after and there is only so much spare time. Any time Steve, we'll be pleased to see you again.

Our old friend Reg came along. He and I were at the Chi college jazz workshop ten years ago. He joined in the original Smugglers workshop for quite a long time. He played really well on Sunday amongst people he did not know and some songs he had not played before. Congrats Reg and welcome back.

Dave sat in on Bass guitar in place of infected Vic. Thank you Dave, really good to see you. You too come again when you want.

During the evening we tried playing without the music. Front line did better than the rhythm section, but that is because they only have to find one note at any one time, and we chordal players must do something with 7 fingers once or twice a bar. We must try that again because we learnt something from it. Can't remember what exactly.

We played a nice version of I've Grown Accustomed to her Face. Tenor embellished the tune out of time, guitar following, and bass coming in at bar 24. Built up the whole song beautifully.

We did I'm beginning to see the light, with its complex changes. Sounded nice.

All of you in Eb. Forget the charts I've sent out already. Eb.
Geoff, once again, has stepped in to re-write chords and melody of this Cole Porter song. Thanks Geoff, Brilliant.

Ain't no Sunshine Dave funky intro: do melody. Xng 4's; 3 bars/tacet again.
I’m old fashioned. This one with feeling.
All the things Ab  All the chords you've got as they say. Tricky changes
April in Paris
Bernies Tune Original Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker number. Fancy it Paul on bari?
Bluesette.3/4 song. This will test you.


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  1. Thanks for your very kind words John - I will miss the workshop, it has been great fun and I have learnt a lot in the last year or so. Good luck with it and i will pop by one day i'm sure. Steve


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