Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Chris on tenor, Henry on alto and Kevin with his trombone made it memorable. None of them were intimidated in any way, good playing, nice solos. Thanks guys. Henry can't make next Sunday but we'll be joined by an old pal on clarinet, Reg. One of the founder members of the Jazz Smugglers workshop is Reg.

Some of our regulars have been devastated by lurgi, car failure whatever. Hope you are ok now lads, we missed you.

We've found a new arrangement, Andrew! We'll have to play it for you. When we played Ain't no Sushine we exchanged fours, but each of us left bar 4 quiet. So the exchanges were linked by a series of breaks. Only the bass was heard. It sounded really good, really good tension.

Maybe it was only because of this song that it worked, but we'll try it out again next week on another. Actually, we didn't get it as funky as we did last week. Maybe we should get Dave to do a funky intro.

Can you work that out Dave, just to set us up with broken time? Actually Dave can you play the tune? See this chap. Jazz Guitar on Ain't No Sunshine...  Can you get us anywhere near that feel in funk?

We found a nice new song which might interest Maria. "I've Grown Accustomed to her Face" from My Fair Lady. We set everyone up to play pentatonics but the hotshots went for playing outside a little. That sounded lovely, really good. The whole song plays on modes of Eb concert. We'll do this again next Sunday with our old hands joining in of they have recovered.

We also did Blue Bossa. That was mostly an excuse to get everyone playing hand percussion instruments. That worked very well. (Much much better than our old hands when they did it....)

We did not get around to I'm beginning to See the light, nor Black coffee. We'll do those next week. We'll also have a go at All of you the Cole Porter song.

This is the original Bill Withers version of Ain't no Sunshine. 44 million views on YouTube!

Here is a jazz funk version. Think it could be funkier really.

See you all Sunday. 7.00 Don't be late! Michael Gove suggests that I should give you all 100 lines if you are.
(I used to use a multi nibbed pen which were made in the Science department. No flies on me matey, though you can see where they've been)


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