Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Monday, 19 May 2014


THIS IS PAUL DESMOND PLAYING A LOVELY VERSION OF GREENSLEEVES WITH THE MJQ. Really typical of Paul Desmond, Milt Jackson and John Lewis. Remarkable sound and beautiful, and so original. I love creative people, don't you?

Andrew, you really ought to try this out with us some time when we have it perfected. At first it did not really work.

We tried proper Question and Answer, where one states a theme and the next develops it further. Not our usual Call and Response. Over 8 bars it did not work - you could not see any effect. 4 bars was better but we all got into our usual habit of playing without referencing anyone else.

Then Geoff had a breakthrough, he started with long notes and they were picked up immediately by Mike. This sounded good. Separately we played a Bossa in strict time with no swing at all, Latin style. This also worked very well as a different sound.

What we need to do is to try out some radically different sounds each time - these two ideas could be part of it, playing very fast could be another. We need sounds that are really different each time from what we normally play so that the audience will easily realise what is going on.
Got any other ideas anyone - 3/4 time perhaps? We'll do it next Sunday.

Here is the song list for Sunday workshop, last before the Chi Inn gig the following Friday. You coming in Nettie to try out some percussion thingys?
All Instrumentals unless Nettie want to sing some of them

How Insensitive/End of a love affair.
It could Happen
Shadow of your smile
Side by Side
I can't get started
So What
Ain't no Sunshine


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