Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop

Jazz Smugglers Master Workshop
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Monday, 19 May 2014


These are the folks.

Dave on gtr, the other Dave on bass, Bob on drums, Geoff on tmp, Mike on tenor and alto and little me, keys.

Here are the instructions for reaching it. 30 minutes from Chichester centre.

BURPHAM VILLAGE GREEN. SAT MAY 24. 2.00 to 4.30 Beside the Church BN18 9RR. Heather Birch, favourite client of ours. Use Arundel by-pass to far roundabout, then it will be the 1st turn left, through small hamlets, Warnincamp and Wepham. Tricky road. £250 or £300 if they make a profit.

Song list as we did last night

Perdido.  Intro Guitar sets up Ska rhythm, 4 bars. Tmp melody. Coda last 2 x 3 stop beat 1. Bb
Alfie's Theme  Straight in  Rythmn section Break bars 31/32.  Solos in 16's Call and response guitar tmp. Finish dead.                   Cm
Autumn Leaves  Piano intro.  Solos  Repeat last 4 bars to end.     Cm
Blue Bossa Intro perc 4 bars each. Solos inc  Congas solo.      Cm
Blue Moon Keyboard to take 1st 16 melody tmp tune last 16 Solos in 16's Last 2 bars x 3 to end.      F
Afternoon in Paris Straight in. Guitar tune Guitar/tmp solo.   C
Journey Home    Tmp tune, solos F
Caravan  First 16 bars Tmp tune with LATIN perc backing altern. bars Bridge with SWING rhythm Tmp tune as before. Solos. Tune repeat Fm
My funny Valentine  Latin Bossa.  Percusion intro congas. Piano/Guitar/tmp solos with backing in bridge. 8's 4's 2's??.  Cm
Lullaby of Birdland. Gtr tune and solo with tmp, exchange 4's kit and tmp. gtr tune Bb
Blues / Watermelon Man -Usual arrngmnt  F
Greensleeves  tGtr free form, Tmp joins, Tmp sets up swing, Kit sets up funkl solos in Dm, Gtr to finish 
So What Gtr Use me riff. Solos all Dm
Mash  Intro last four bars? Tmp. Solos  Am
Little Sunflower Piano 1st 16, tmp Bridge, piano last 8. Solos. Repeat tune Dm
Cantaloupe Island Gtr then piano set up intro. Tmp tune, solos. Tmp finish
How High the Moon/Ornithology  Ballad start speed to 180. Tmp tune  Gtr Ornithology.  Solos in 8's Tune Bars 29/30 x 3 to end. G
Moonlight in Vermont Tmp plays coda unaccomp as intro. Tmp tune  Solos Tmp tune coda to end. Eb
Summertime 100bpm Keys intro Tmp solo then tune.  Solos 2 verses. Keys intro double time.  Solos 2 verses  Coda last 4 bars x 3  Am
Song for My Father Intro congas 8 bars, keyboard strings 8 bars Fm Eb7.  Alto melody. 8  bar solos.  Coda bars 29/30 x 3 Fm


The Jazz Smugglers bands in Sussex
The Jazz Smugglers workshop, Bosham, Sussex

This site is to help the Jazz smugglers workshop group and provide information about the following weeks work. We will be working on widening our range of playing styles as individuals, working together in a band, and practising the more difficult things. You need to be able to read.

In this blog We will produce tips for jazz piano, and jazz guitar together with jazz saxophone. We will cover jazz chords, jazz guitar chords, and we will deal with jazz scales. We will cover jazz songs. This site is all about jazz improvisation. you can sign up directly to this blog site as a FOLLOWER, bottom rh side panel, you'll get all the posts.

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